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Hello Guys,

Question, im doing an open world game but my question is. How big can my room be without GM crashing?
I have a map for now of 6000 x 4000.
My player sprite size is 200x 200.

I want to make a full city open world game. How can i make it run smoothly?

For my game decoration that has no collusion on player i use ONE single backgroung image. All my roads and trash on floor or stuff like that i made an image of the size 6000 x 4000 in Krita in PNG file.

So how big can i make my room?
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As much as your hard drive can hold the data. I have been working on an engine for a game(it's messy, so excuse the unmanaged code), but if you check out the obj_world and obj_chunk, you could move those(with the scripts) into any game to build your open world game. And to make it even better, if you keep going in 1 direction, no matter how big the world is, you will end up back at the same point(almost seamlessly). This engine, once it's done, will be very powerful. But for now, here it is to give you an idea that it is possible.

EDIT: Here is a better commented, better updated one. This one also has basic chunk editing

It is being made in Game Maker 8.0(I can't afford Studio yet).
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