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Hello! This is a strategy game that puts a new twist on chess mechanics. Play as a noble knight and beat back endless waves of chess pieces, unlocking other pieces abilities to help you out. As you progress new pieces are introduced and new maps are unlocked, adding another layer of strategy on top of chess. If you like chess and want a new way to play, this is for you.

An endless onslaught awaits; how long can you survive?

For Android and PC
Google Play:

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This is awesome, there are so many directions you could take this. The artwork is great, if you added smooth animations and transitions it would be even more satisfying.

BTW: You left in the debug ability to right click any piece and kill it.

Have a thought dump:
- Can pawns move in any direction? It feels unfair sometimes how they can just wander around the board.
- Rather than purely relying on a combo score system, have a points based on the type of piece you're taking.
- What if the objective was to progress upwards? So you also got points for progressing the "infinite" board, and it gets harder the longer you're playing for.
- Maybe I missed it, but it would be cool for the tutorial to explain that the "active" pieces alternate.
- Multiplayer?
- Extra pieces you can also control?


Thanks for playing! And thanks for the feedback! Agh, I totally forgot about the right-click to kill, I'll patch that.

The pawns had to break chess rules because at first they would all end up at the bottom of the map.
I like the infinite board idea. Maybe there could be alternate game types like that.

Zachary Helm

I really enjoy this and the graphics are nice! One thing that isn't too clear is what direction can the pawns attack? Since normally they can attack forward diagonally, I'm not really sure which way is forward for them.
You should keep working on this and keep showing it off!