HTML5 Surplus Snakes [Ludum Dare 40]


Surplus Snakes is a snake game where every time you eat a pellet, a new snake enters the arena. Eat all the pellets to progress to the next level. Featuring music by Nicholas Short.

Made in less than 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40. The HTML5 port was furnished the day after the deadline.

Play in your browser on newgrounds:

Download for Windows on


The HTML5 port (available to play on newgrounds) had to use segmented snake parts for optimization reasons:

You can leave a rating for my game on the Ludum Dare page:




Over the years...I've played a lot of good games by I knew this one would be good too.

Suggestion 1...maybe a little more warning before a new worm pops up...
Example: Pieces of dirt fly up first....then you see worms head...then he pops out.
Right now it's about a 1 second warning...Maybe extend it out to a 2-3 second warning.
A top 10 high score page would be nice (One that allowed you to input your name).

Suggestion 2...maybe an arrow prompt when it's time to go to the next room.
Not sure what's on higher levels...but predators like spiders...and a periodic giant bird would be nice.

Donated: $1 on I remember playing a lot of your cool games.


I was surprised, that there's a second level at all. The visuals are god tier. What needs fixing are the bombs - they can fall on the player's head, and when you are long enough you can't do anything about it.