Windows surface_save not working on program_directory


Hi to all the GMS Community!

Im trying to use surface_save to save sprite that will be loaded later on the program_directory.

There is any way to bypass the sandboxed enviroment of game maker studio to be able to use surface_save and save and load whatever on the program directory whitout using extension?


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Moving to Programming.

Bypassing the sandbox without using extensions is only possible by using the get_*_filename functions. These grant you full access (as far as your OS permits) to one file for the duration of the game's run time per call.

Why do want to save files outside of the standard designated save area, though?


Friendly Tyrant
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Why do you want to save to the program directory? If what you are doing is simply saving and loading within the same game, then there is no need... if we knew more about why you think this is required and what you are doing then we can give better replies. :)