Alpha Superstar Game Suite


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The Superstar Game Suite is an extensive resource library and world editor for the creation of 2D top-down platformers, particularly those with a narrative or aesthetic emphasis, for Game Maker Studio 2 projects. It is built within GMS2, so implementation into any project should ultimately be reasonably convenient.

Having taken inspiration from the Mario & Luigi series of JRPGs, this utility provides tools for top-down collision editing, narrative event directing, cinematography directing, dialogue scripting, multi-layer additive and subtractive tile editing, and more yet to come.

My GitHub README details what you're seeing. I'd like to be to-the-point here, if you don't mind!

Executable Download

More Pics:

Those pictures demonstrate most of what my program is currently capable of. I've put almost 2 years of off-and-on work into this project. Although it is, admittedly, very rough in its current state, I believe that it could be significant one day. I'm giving this project an MIT license in the hopes that anybody else might believe in it -- even a fraction as much as I do -- at least enough to contribute an issue report or two. Maybe even some code contributions. That'd be nice!

My ultimate goal is to keep this project open source and completely free. Five or fifteen years ago, I would've died for an editor that allowed me to make this kind of game in Game Maker, so now I'm hoping to give that opportunity to someone else. Anyways, sincere thanks for taking your time to skim. :)
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