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Demo Super Slime Slayin' Revenge demo v3.0 [co-op adventure]

Discussion in 'Work in Progress' started by danzibr, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. danzibr

    danzibr Guest

    I'm glad the forum's back up. Phew.

    I'm finally done (up to bugs, which I'm sure people will find) with the third installment of my game demo! It takes maybe 20 minutes to beat, becomes two-player maybe 6 minutes in. This is my first game, by the way.

    You *can* use WASD for movement for player 1, and OKL; for movement for player 2, but I suggest using XBox controllers. By the way, I don't have XBox controllers to test it, but... it should work, I hope.

    Constructive criticism appreciated!

    Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B26nea0lDCF9UXQ2WXAxZ01SMlU/view?usp=sharing

  2. Morumotto

    Morumotto Guest

    This demo is pretty rough around the edges, but I like where you're going with it. It's pretty cool for your first game. I really liked the idea of sheathing and unsheathing your sword for extra speed. And the country accent the main character has cracks me up. Poor Ma' and Pa'.

    Anyway I didn't run into too many bugs or anything. I wasn't trying to purposely break the game I played rather safe and ran through a lot of things. One thing I did have happen quite a bit was the slimes could gang up on me and drain half my life bar in one second, so maybe a brief cool off when getting hit?

    Anyway I hope to see more of this project. With a little bit more polish and TLC I think this would be a game I'd enjoy playing!

    Keep up the good work!
  3. danzibr

    danzibr Guest

    Thanks for the response! Phew, that was quick, too.

    There is a bit of a cooldown, maybe I should increase it... Hmm, are you talking about the first boss? It's best to be level 2, or even 3, by then.

    EDIT: Oh yeah. What polishing would you suggest? I look at my game and see it's rough, but I'm not quite sure how to improve it. I did (very nearly) all of the graphics myself, and I'm a terrible artist, so... not much hope in those getting much better. The UI, maybe? Or text?

    Thanks again!
  4. Morumotto

    Morumotto Guest

    Yeah I think a little more detailed UI might look a bit better, and the dialogue font has got to go! It's ugly, and doesn't fit the style of the game! Maybe a sprite font might look a bit better?

    Also no, this was in the corn field that I got trapped. Just one of the slimes at the beginning! It was just one slime, it hit me on my top right corner of the head and sort-of drained me pretty quickly! The 1st boss was kind of annoying but not because of the concept. I liked the idea of an ambush. But because after each screen it saved and my health was too low so I was getting one hit killed.

    I didn't play the entire demo, I'll have to play more later! But yeah I think maybe a sprucing of the UI and the text will make a world of difference! But it's your game, these are just my suggestions!

    (And honestly I don't think the art is too bad. I really like the main character, and his run animation!)
  5. Pretty cool game! Didn't play the entire demo but the controls feel nice. Did run in to some depth issues though.
    I really like the dashing mechanic and the feel of the sword.

    Overall, looks like it could be real promising! :)
  6. RichHopefulComposer

    RichHopefulComposer Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    This was pretty fun! Combat feels pretty good. I don't love the bsfxr sounds everyone uses nowadays, but they work pretty well in this game. Did you write the music, or get it somewhere? The quality of the music doesn't match the quality of the sound effects, heheh. ^ ^"

    Anyway, yeah. Thanks for the game. I was actually having a lot of fun with it! I ended up quitting shortly after getting the first companion, though. For some reason, after I got him, I couldn't attack using the boy anymore. Is that by design, or did I run into an unfortunate glitch? The companion moved too slowly for my tastes compared to the ridiculously fast dashes the boy had by that point, so I ended up quitting after dying as a few times as the companion. Was weird trying to switch to the boy for movement, and then back to the companion for combat. ):

    Anyway, pretty good overall! I'd definitely like to see more of this! =D
  7. danzibr

    danzibr Guest

    @Morumotto: I completely agree. It took me a long time to get the font to where it is. I had a lot of problems with it being super blurry. I still don't like it, but at least it's legible. I'm not sure how (mechanically, not simply choosing another font) to make it look better. And the UI... that's on my to-do list ;)

    @omar_almighty: What depth issue would this be? I'm aware of one with the house, forgot to get that fixed. Hopefully beyond that the depth is... pretty good. There's another one, if there's a slime or character right at the middle of a tree, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

    @RichHoplessComposer: I'm glad you showed up! I saw your thread about having possibly the best GM:S game, and man it's beautiful. You're an artist, and not just at art ;)
    Anyway, that is indeed an unfortunate glitch. I'll try to reproduce it and fix it. OH! Wait, no I think I know why. When you switch to the slime, the boy puts his sword away. You have to take it out again to keep fighting. That's probably it. Perhaps I should change that.

    Oh, another thing. The music comes from Incompetech, and the sound effects do indeed come from BFXR and SFXR. Personally, I don't like BFXR and SFXR very much. I have a few sound effects I need, open up the programs, and just hit the little buttons over and over and over. I try to fiddle with the settings on the right, but I have no clue what they do, just go how they sound. Not only it is inefficient, it's rather limited. I'd like to learn how to actually produce sound effects.

    And thanks all for the encouraging words! It'll be quite some time before I add new content, but I have plenty of polishing I can do in the meantime.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 28, 2016
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  8. Depth issues with the character and other objects (more notably the corn).
  9. RichHopefulComposer

    RichHopefulComposer Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    Thank you! ^ -^

    And yeah, that would explain it! By that point, I'd honestly forgotten I could even sheath/unsheath my sword. With how fast the boy dashes, and how many enemies were around, I never really found the need to sheath the sword, hahah! I enjoyed the game, but I'd maybe have the slime start around the same level as the boy, or have them share exp a little. With how underpowered and slow the slime was, it totally turned me off from using it. If it started off a bit more powerful (or at least a bit faster....movement speed was the main reason I didn't want to use it), I think I would've been happy using the slime, hahah. Anyway, looking forward to updates. Cool game so far! =D
  10. danzibr

    danzibr Guest

    @omar_almighty: Ahh I see. I never looked that closely before, thanks. Fixed.

    @RichHopelessComposer: I made that change last night, the boy not sheathing his sword. And as for the slime... in the big picture, you get the slime very early. I could make him faster, yeah. But later on he gets a fast form. But then again, he is pretty damn slow. Yeah, I think I'll speed him up. Not too fast, maybe by 50%.

    Anyway, thanks again!
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