Steam Super Hiking League (hookshot platformer)


Super Hiking League has been released today! It was all made with GMS2. Soundtrack was created in famitracker (2A03, no expansion audio used).

It's a competitive split screen platform with an elastic hookshot. For 1 or 2 players! For Windows only for now.

It's been 3 years making this! If you don't follow me on twitter yet, be sure to do that. I usually followback other devs. And be sure to enjoy the game too ^^

Join Nelson in the Super Hiking League! An evil wizard is making the mountains disappear in a plan to make the world perfectly flat! As a member of the Super Hiking League you will not let this happen. Compete in climbing matches against other Hikers to collect all magic gems and stop his plans!

Super Hiking League provides tight jump-rope-bend-swing-win gameplay with beautiful 8-bit+ graphics and a top notch authentic 8-bit soundtrack!

- Beautiful retro graphics!
- Tight gameplay and controls!
- Bending Rope Swing Physics!
- Amazing Soundtrack with several songs!
- Story mode!
- Challenge a friend in local multiplayer mode!

Release trailer:


Version update
new feature: added shortcut for quick restart on timeattack mode.

improvement: added a short minimum time for firing the rope multiple times in sequence.
improvement: improved "unlocked text" animation and interaction in Arcade Mode.
improvement: added skippable Arcade mode intro option only after it's been seen at least once (esc/back).

bugfix: fixed bug where in certain conditions you could pick the same character for both players.
bugfix: Master of Combat and Fastest of All achievements now working properly (please beat the AI on Master difficulty on any Stage to activate it if you've already beaten all of them).
bugfix: in rare cases the unlock text would show the wrong message.