Released Super Hiking League DX (Switch, PS4/5, XBOX ONE/S/X, Windows)


The major update to my Super Hiking League game has been released. It actually counts as being the real launch since I used the original launch as a market test.
Very happy about the experience. I hope everyone enjoys it! I've submitted it to the showcase.

Super Hiking League DX is a 2D platformer like no other! Race against a friend or the advanced AI to reach the top in split screen direct combat.
Features an easy to use but hard to master elastic rope, single player mode, vs mode and time attack mode!

Link to consoles (at the end of the page):
Link to Steam:



Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far, I'm loving every bit of it! People have been making many live streams and video reviews of it running on consoles. There are so many compliments and people are generally so happy playing it that honestly I couldn't be happier.
Steam version is kind of stuck where it was though. Perhaps releasing it as an update to the base game was fair to the existing (very small) player base, but maybe it hurt steam store visibility/overall impression. I did activate steamworks' secound round of visibility.