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Demo Super Heroic Intimidating Turret Prototype



Hello GameMaker Community!

I just recently finished the prototype of my first Videogame, its called Super Heroic Intimidating Turret. Its a top-down shooter where you have to shoot up and down and move from left to right to avoid enemy bullets. I made all graphics and the gameplay alone. At this point the game does not feature sound or music.

I want to share this prototype of my game because I want to see if the game is fun for other people before I continue developing it.

Current features:

- Player turret (the Super Heroic Intimidating Turret)
- Enemy Cannons
- Projectiles
- a simple Score System
- winning and losing

Possible future features:

- Sound and music
- 8 levels
- different enemy types
- a title screen
- a pause function
- simple animations

Controls (<> indicate buttons on keyboard):

<left> = Move left
<right> = Move right
<up> = Shoot up
<down> = Shoot down
<F> = Fullscreen/windowed mode
<Space> = restart the game after winning/losing
<Esc> = Exit the game

Current Placeholders:
- Winning/Losing Message
- Player character


**** Screenshot.png

Please tell me your honest oppinions about the prototype so I can improve it and make a complete game out of it

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/izpd5yjj69uzcag/****.exe

Have fun^^