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    Super Custom Controls - Bitbucket OpenSource
    Download | BitBucket | Old Topic
    Let the player change the controls for keyboards and controllers. Please check out the old topic if your using Game Maker 8.

    • Player can set controls for keyboards and controllers.
    • The player's controls are automatically saved and load with an ini file.
    • Backwards compatibility by checking input using gamepad functions first, then checks using joystick functions for legacy support for older controllers.
    • Check if a control is being help in, pressed, released, or get it's analog value. All these varibles are used wheather your using a keyboard or controller,
      • check_button[control_id]
      • check_button_released[control_id]
      • check_button_pressed[control_id]
      • check_analog[control_id]
    • scc_mouse_control script allows you to move your mouse with anaglog sticks.
    • Set controls to default


    I'm not sure what to do with this project at the moment since there's a lot of things that could be done. I did start this back in 2012 so there's probably a lot of things that could be coded better and named better.

    Here's a rough draft of some ideas I have. One of the things I'm considering is making scripts that you can use to check your controls.
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