Super Cosmic Pest Control


This has been on hold for a while as I've been working on another project. Likely to come back to it in the new year though, so thought I'd share where I've got it to.

You are a pest controller using self-destructing musical robots to eliminate aliens from space stations - like a mechanical, exploding, pied-piper. Completing a job earns you some money, and you move on to the next station. Killing crewmembers results in a hefty fine. If you go bankrupt, it's game over.

Playable version here >>

Only 10 levels so far (out of a planned 20) and I think those I've built still need a fair amount of tidying and balancing. I'm pretty happy with the general gameplay though. Maybe I'm progressing from 'totally useless' to 'novice'. Any feedback would be gratefully received!
This looks fantastic already, but could you brighten up the colors? Just to look more cheerful and eye grabbing? Right now it's a bit dark with the black exterior and even black interior.


Idk why but this gives me some starcraft vibes.
Good job though the animation looks smooth and the gameplay looks good so far !


Looks great. Great idea.
The black is a touch dark.

text will be hard to read if it overlays some parts of the game.

cool stuff.

Red Phantom

Music fits really well with the game's theme/visuals. Also I do like the game's graphics. I played but got stuck on a level, still it was lots of fun : )

Note: I got stuck on a later level (I think it was the first level with 7 pests), not the one in this screenshot:
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Thanks for the feedback guys. Looks like I'm going to have to play through again to see if I can replicate getting stuck - it's not happened to me before.