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Android Sundered Arvena

Discussion in 'Work in Progress' started by casey, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. casey

    casey Guest

    I could explain it but it is much better to just post it and see what the thoughts are. Here is the beta for my newest crazy hard game: Sundered Arvena

    Yes I know about the save and load crash issues, use those save points with care... looking into it and would appreciate any help or comments on how I might go about fixing the issue. it is a ds_map_create(); and destroy type setup.

    I also know the spawners are crazy. Might be tuning those in the future. However, the game is beatable and you CAN win lol.

    constructive criticism welcome!

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  2. casey

    casey Guest

    Hm 40 views but not a single reply... Unfortunate. Well I suppose I will try once more to get any sort of feedback I can, rough crowd. Anyways a bit more on the game: Sundered Arvena is a top down/iso view game with fast action. I almost want to call it an Arcade RPG because it resembles those old school space shooters from that age but you are a knight on the ground throwing wind slashes. Also, posting to note the save crashes only really happened on my end because I didn't restart my phone after downloading; doing that fixed pretty much all the crashes.

    As for the story behind the game: One day the lands were torn asunder to prevent the invasion of a great evil. Humans were isolated while the monster races maintained the magic needed to disrupt the cloud bridges connecting the lands. The great evil needed the lands to be linked to be able to invade; something about teleporter coordinates being complete or whatnot. At any rate, peace returned to the lands and as long as the cloud bridges were down everyone was safe on their tiny isolated islands. Humans forgot about the war with the great evil but still send out knights and adventurers occasionally to explore and try to find out more about the shattered land. However, none ever returned... Will you be the first?

    There are ways to play it on windows as well (I think bluestacks is the emulator for it), I just prefer phone downloads for the tiny bit of ad money here and there. However, if you must play it on windows to give me some feedback or even just enjoy the game that would be the way to go. Here is the link again: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.SinclairGames.Sundered_Arvena
  3. AcesWildArmy

    AcesWildArmy Guest

    I downloaded it from the app store, I'm actually impressed with the way it's coming along but there are tons you need to work on such as the way the knight walks it's almost like he floats half the time he doesn't really walk and the combat system really needs a rework, It looks pretty good in a sense just not sure if those were clouds floating across the screen? I didn't really see the point of the game really you get threw in the game with a message telling you how to attack and that's basically it. Keep up the good work you're heading in the right direction.
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  4. gamedev4life

    gamedev4life Member

    Jun 22, 2016
    put a gif, a youtube video, more screen shots, etc.

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