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Master Summoner

Summoner Quest


Summoner quest is a monster battle / collecting game similar to pokemon. The game is centered primarily on collecting monsters (Which you hatch from eggs) and creating powerful teams that you use to challenge other players.

The game is heavily focused on battling, and quests are used as a primary way to find monster eggs and items used to upgrade your team.

While the game is inspired by pokemon there are a few unique differences. Battles are fought in teams of three. Team members on the sides lines can occasionally join the battle or offer support to their team leader.

Battle Game Play Video:

Current Features:
100+ monsters (including evolution)
180+ Monster Skills, all animated
170+ Battle Traits
Online Battles (Ranked and Unranked)
Online Chat / Mail
Monster Training
Daily Events

I would love to hear some feedback and have some players test out the PvP Arena battles:
Download Version 3.0.1: HERE

Check out my game jolt page for more info: Game Jolt

Screenshots (Version 3.0.0)

Some Outdated screens from earlier versions
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This looks so good. Like, hot dam.

Are you using some sort of 3D effect or is it all 2D?

How are you getting the online features to work? Are you using something like Node.js or are you using GM built-in networking?

How long has this game been in development?

Master Summoner

Sorry for the late response.
There is a mix of 2d/3d effects., some would call it 2.5D

Battles take place on a 3D environment, the animations and monsters are all 2d and are rotated/transformed to produce various effects.

For online networking I am using the Flox add-on.

The game has been in development for 2+ years now.

Little Peanut

Looks awesome! What do you mean by 3D environment? I thought you were just coding the camera to pan and zoom.

Master Summoner

Looks awesome! What do you mean by 3D environment? I thought you were just coding the camera to pan and zoom.
Nope, Battles take place in a 3d room with a 3D camera and GM's d3d_start() enabled. Objects moves through 3d space (x,y,z). Monster and battle animations are 2d sprites textured onto walls using d3d_draw_wall(). I simply rotate and transform them to produce various effects.