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 suggestion: Structs

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aka fel666
I know many people have already asked for structs. And that YYG have already said its on their wish list, but i beleive noone has made a suggestion as to how they should actually work. so here goes:

Rather than having a new data type per struct, A single new data type could be added: struct. This would hold the values of the struct, aswell as the type of struct it is. All structs variables would be of type struct.

defining a struct could be done in a simmilar way to enums:
struct foo {
instantiating a struct variable:
var s = foo{ "stuff", 54, c_blue };
accessing struct atributes:
var name = s.name;
var size = s.size;
s.colour = c_red;
All checks could be done at runtime:
Checking if the variable is a struct. (simmilar to how arrays are checked at runtime)
Checking if the struct's type has a the specified field.

structs could essentially be represented like a GM-array, with each field name being the index in the array. simmilar to how we currently pair enums and arrays to emulate structs.


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I'm not going to start another massive thread on something we've all said we want, and we will do if/when we can.
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