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Discussion Suggestion: Show D&D Action Icons in Left of Info Node

For the D&D projects it would be much better if the information like node showed the icons of the D&D actions instead of just a color square to the left of the info. This helps people remember which icons are associated with which actions. It also allows quicker, glance at, evaluation of the general actions the programming is doing, and it's a much quicker reminder than having to read every bit every time you want to remember what it does. The icons do seem a bit harder to tell apart this time because the only color difference is just the category now. The sketch lines aren't as clear as a color image. If it were me I'd keep the icon background color idea, but color the icon shapes more distinctly. Regardless, putting icons for shorthand visual reading would still help a ton for people trying to get into Game Maker, or those not married to gml.


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Can you mock up an image and show us what you mean? i think I know...but not sure....?