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 (Suggestion) Screen_Refresh

can the yoyo game devs add a way to refresh the screen/draw call inside a while loop?
this would allow scripts that could be used for initializing, updating, and drawing instead of having to make a separate script for each event.

this would also allow script that run as objects and could induce menus while being able to return a value.


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You could test calling "event_perform" on all instances and perform their draw event... Not sure it'd work, but hey, I've never tried it either so it might... :)


Given how every export that GMS 2 exports to has a disdain for closed-loop, I/O-blocking ways of programming (in the form of throwing ANR error messages), I don't think YoYo should waste any time accommodating this request. Learn some proper asynchronous techniques instead.


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I'll be publishing an extension for this exact thing (screen_refresh alternative and a non-ANR sleep function) sometime soon. Currently done for Windows but hoping to get it to work on OSX/Linux too. Not possible on HTML5; Doing a synchronous loop on mobile platforms is discouraged IIRC.

Overall I don't think it'll make it's way back as a built-in function, but don't worry.