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 (SUGGESTION) Regarding: General Settings - Input - Scrolling speed


- Problem -
I'm finding that when the scrolling speed in one place is great, in another place it's either too slow or way too fast. I can't get a sweet spot out of it that works across the board.

- Details -
The default was 1, I believe, but in the code editor, this was so slow that the mouse wheel was useless to use and it hindered my workflow. I ended up landing on 5 for my scroll speed, which to me feels perfect for getting around in my scripts. But now it's a little too fast in the workspace. And the biggest problem is the manual, which is horribly jumpy. To be honest, even on 1 the manual is a bit jerky and jarring when scrolling, but it's only intensified when set to higher numbers.

- Suggestions to Improve -
Couldn't the scrolling speed be adjustable for different parts of the IDE as opposed to being a universal setting? Or maybe it just needs to work differently. As it is, I don't feel like I have the proper control and it's not all that smooth.

Am I the only one who feels this needs tweaking/changing? I could have missed it, but I didn't see it brought up yet.


GMC Elder
I looked into this and found that the workspace scroll speed was (way) different from everything else -- so I have made it (a little closer to) consistent. You still want the workspace to scroll faster than for example the code editor, as you're dealing with large groups of content. I have upped the default value for scroll speed from 1 to 2. I have also changed the preference so it allows floating point numbers.