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 Suggestion: Instance Creation Order


In the room editor, you can open up a window that shows you the room's Instance Creation Order. It lists the order of all the objects you've plopped down into the room, ordered from top to bottom. You can manipulate that order by clicking and dragging an item and placing it at a different position in the list.

This is a nice feature, thank you, and it works great.

However, when this list grows long, it becomes cumbersome to move items around. If the user has a list of 50 objects in a room, then realizes the next object added needs to be at the beginning of the creation order, dragging the item clear through the list is a lengthy process.

In GMS1, if I remember correctly, there were shortcut buttons that would instantly throw an item to the top or the bottom of the list. This would be a nice addition to GMS2, but I think I have a slightly better suggestion.

If it's possible, it would be nice if the Instance Creation Order window list was numbered. This number would indicate the position of the item in the creation order. Then, the user could click to highlight/activate the number to be edited. The user could then specifically place it anywhere in the list very quickly and without effort by simply editing this number to the position desired, contributing to a steady workflow.

I suppose this isn't an important issue, but I look forward to seeing this feature (or something like it) in a future update.

Thank you for your time and all your hard work.
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This is honestly one of my biggest gripes also, however I just couldn't be bothered to actually post anywhere and ask for it. If you have tons of things, the scroll bar moves soooo dang slow when you're trying to drag stuff around to sort them! It's so stupid. Something as simple as removing the max speed of the scroll bar and let it accelerate normally when something is dragged will easily fix this. For some reason there's a stupid speed cap on the dang scroll bar.

Also I believe this doesn't only plague instance creation order, but anything that involves 'dragging items to sort them and going through a scrollbar' have this as well, like trying to move resources items on that pesky resource panel.