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Discussion [Suggestion] GUI Layers


Joshua Allen

In the past, I had one main GUI object that I used to draw many other objects with event_perform. I found that method to be easy to manage but with GMS2 having a whole bunch of really cool features I wanted to see if there was a better way.

Once I became somewhat familiar with the new room layer system, I’m convinced that it would make dealing with a GUI much easier. Being able to utilize the different layer types would be a dream compared my old way because our artist could just place the assets he wants in the room editor without having to go through me.

The method that I decided on was to use a camera for the GUI and assign a begin and an end script to it. The begin script turned on all the GUI layers and turned off all the other layers. The end script did the opposite. I think this might be the best way to handle the GUI layers but now I have to deal with a new camera like we had to do before the draw GUI event was added. Also if the artist ever wants to add a new layer I would have to make it work like the others.

That method is much better than my old way of doing things but what I would love is a little checkbox in the layer properties that toggles whether or not a layer is a GUI layer. Having GMS2 handle the GUI layers just seems like the perfect addition to the already amazing room editor.
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