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 (SUGGESTION) Fold Selection


Quick suggestion.

In current GMS version, we can highlight lines of code, right click, then select "Comment Selection".

May I suggest having a similar option to fold the code? I know we can use snippets, but I think being able to highlight and press a key combo to fold the code inside a region without cut and paste would be much more convenient.

Not sure what others think, but I think it would make organizing code more convenient and faster.



To further clarify, my suggestion deals with reorganizing code already written.

Yes, you could simply use #region/#endregion with snippets from the get go. But if one wants to rearrange already existing code while ensuring the code is folded, possibly under new headings, you need to keep cutting and pasting it in a new region . It'd be more convenient to simply highlight and shortcut key it.

I mean I wouldn't have even brought up this suggestion had I not learned about the very convenient Comment Selection feature (Ctrl+K).


^ Done and done.

Just to add, it'd be even better if the folded selection could automatically collapse and position the cursor at the "header" of the region so users can simply put in a description right on the spot.