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 Suggestion : Add the ability to re-import sprite sheets




First and foremost, thanks to the Game Maker devs for the huge update that is Game maker studio 2. It improved many issues that I had with the editor previously.

I have however one concern about the editor : At the moment, Game Maker Studio 2 doesn't have the ability to easily re-import a sprite sheet. That means that if your artists modifies the sprites sheets you previously imported (using an external editor like Aseprite), you have to manually import the file and re-enter all the information about the sprite sheet (tile numbers, width, height etc). That can be very tedious if you have many animations to change.

One solution would be to have game maker keep the settings used to import a sprite, and add a button (maybe in the context menu when you right click a sprite) to re-import the sprite sheet using the previously used settings (including the path to the file). That would allow developers to just select all theirs sprites, right click them and select reimport to have all theirs sprites updated to match the modified sprite sheets on the disc.

That would allow teams that works with artist to easily manage sprite sheets produced by external image editor and remove some of the frustration of updating the sprites in your game when your artist don't have access to the Game Maker image editor.

Thanks !