Android Succession Beta

Succession is a fun game which helps you to learn all the kings and queens of England from William the Conqueror to Queen Victoria. It teaches you 5 monarchs a day, and then gives you more difficult challenges until you know all 40. There are also game modes where you learn how all the monarchs die by killing them in the correct way!

You can now play the game as a Beta tester here: and we'd love to hear any feedback about what we can improve about the game. Thank you!


I like this a lot, it's fun to play. My British wife grabbed it out of my hands and too over for quite a while. She enjoyed it too, though I'm going to have to use this so i can beat her at Royal trivia.

Some observations:
-when scrolling through thrones, like putting monarchs in order, and there are more that can fit on screen, the touch area for scrolling is too narrow. I recommend making it larger, and shrinking the area that you can touch on the thrones.
-couldn't find exit button on main menu
-no back button functionality
-the treasure chest is a different art style when you get summat. It's a little off putting when art styles are shifted like that.

Overall, nice work and looking forward to see where it goes
Thank you so much for your feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!
- We completely agree that the scrolling area is narrow, we will change that to make the game easier to play.
- We'll add back button functionality and make it exit on the main menu.
- We kind of like the change in style to show it is special! But we will see what other people think.
We added some more help last weekend, but should be able to fix these next weekend
THANK YOU AGAIN FOR PLAYING OUR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):banana: