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    Oct 15, 2017
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    Greetings fellow citizens of the underground,

    this is Subtyrannya, a story-driven trading game.
    You play as a lone merchant with his vehicle full of goods, driving trough the colonized underground to sell his wares. While doing that, you will quickly stumble upon various dubious characters and weird stories.

    There will be multiple situations where you have to decide on the fate of people, cities and sometimes whole tracts of land. All while struggling to make a profit.

    You can already check out the Demo on Itchio:

    Abandoned Gate.jpg

    Interactivity / Story

    Whenever you visit a place, indicated by the white ring, a interactiv city window will pop up.
    Here you can visit the market, check your inventory or discover the secrets of the city.
    You do this by click the option you want. There will be a lot of text involved.
    Some options may be hidden, some other will require you to spend stocks or items and some will have unforseen consequences.

    Abandoned Gateway Talk downsize.jpg


    At every Place you can also unlock one or a couple of merchants, that sell and buy different items from you. The Economy of the underground is complex and will fluctuate, whenever you interact with the market.
    Soon you will be driving around, bribing traders, talking them into taking more trade in or bulk selling your useless goods to the one guy you really don't like.


    Future of Developement

    The earliest Release Date I have in mind is early 2020. But I am currently working on a bigger demo, that is then released for free on itchio.
    The final product will be released on steam for windows, mac and linux.

    If you are interested, also feel free to follow me on Twitter or join the discord server:


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  2. OnLashoc

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    Jan 15, 2018
    That looks amazing! Can't wait to get off work to check it out further!

    I am doing a story driven game myself. I've always been into games like Roger Wilco, Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle (yes I know those are point and click adventures) but what I've enjoyed most while not playing multiplayer games.

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