Free SubstiShooter (arcade game) - Android and Windows PC




Eliminate the opposing team players by shooting the ball at them before they descend upon you. Avoid the opposing team shots. The fewer shots taken the higher the score earn extra bonus points in the challenge stages.

- In-Game Options
(Pause game play, disable or enable music and re-set high scores table).
- Multiple levels, different opposing team formations and increasing speeds.
- Ad Free

Available for Android devices and Windows PC.
Google Play (Android devices) (Windows PC)


predictably random
Forum Staff
I've only played the PC version, but this seems like a good casual game for mobile devices. The gameplay objective is straightforward: hit opposing players with the soccer ball, and dodge any balls that bounce back. And the controls are easy to use and responsive.

Graphically, the game looks and sounds professional. There's a good intro (albeit a bit long) and a menu with various options. The game, the controls, and options are clearly explained. And there's a high score feature that adds some replay value.

The gameplay itself isn't terribly exciting. Sort of like playing asteroids where you shoot enemies in a formation that moves back and forth, in a predictable way. But this has the bounced ball challenge. So that's a little different. What seems to be missing is the ability to score goals. Maybe that's in the higher levels.

Overall, this is a simple but playable casual game. Good choice for mobile or HTML5. And it's well executed.


Hello chance,
This is a collaboration between my brother and I, it's our first app.

We are currently looking into making a revised version and have a few ideas on paper.

Thank you for submitting a comment, very constructive. The intro can be skipped by hitting the Enter on PC and tap screen on mobile device but we failed to add a button to suggest that.

It's great to receive feedback thanks.