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Mac OSX Submitting MacOS .pkg


Is anyone Submitting Mac Apps at all in GMS 2.1.4 ( or GMS2 period )?

I can build the .pkg successfully, but when I upload it to Apple via the Application Loader I consistently get the following errors :

I've tried adjusting the Category setting under Options - Packaging, but it has no effect. I've tried building with Xcode 8.3.1 and 9.3 both do the same thing. I've recreated the provisioning profiles, and juggled the certificates a bit, but get the same error... builds successfully each time which is a bit shocking... almost like it's not getting signed properly at all - which might make some sense.

I've had a ticket logged for a long while now and am not getting anywhere. GMS2 changed the build to be a black box, and now it generates the .pkg but I cannot access via Xcode which would give me more flexibility as I had in GMS 1.4. If anyone can give me direction in access the Xcode project which I'm thinking might still be there, that'd be helpful! Or any advice at all really!

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