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Legacy GM Subimage Limitation?!?



Hello everyone...

I was trying to make character sprites with lots of different movements, combos, finishers and non-combat adventure animations like sitting, eating, crafting, etc. So i made a huge sprite sheet for all combat moves, and it took 310+ frames to make it. I import sprite into GM:S with pretty high memory usage. Okay i was prepared for this. Everything was fine until, some of attack states were not working with right animation, just freeze on one of the frames. Then i tried debug_message image_index to see what's going on.

And here is the problem i'got, GM:S returns image_index to 0, after about 113th frame.
If i use certain frame as a fixed image_index, it works, but not animates after 113. PNG file of the sprite is really small in file size about 120kb but i use 35643x79 strip and each subimage is 109x79. I think i can probably divide characters into several objects to over come this but...

I'm wondering, is this a bug or limitation or anything else?I couldn't find any answer.

And thanks in advance...


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Why would you store all the images in one sprite though? It sounds much more practical to split each animation into separate sprites. Maybe GMS has trouble sorting the sprites into texture sheets when it's just one sprite? I'd like to know the answer to this too...


I'm using different layers of sprites for characters, sword, heads, and some other parts are interchangeable, so instead of changing sprite with every state, i only change image_index, and when i want different sword then i change sprite_index. So that's the reason. Think of every movement of every actor with different combinations of parts and their animations... Trying to ease the work and i believe this way it's more practical but i hope someone would enlighten us...

By the way, to be sure, i just comment out everything, use "image_speed=1" nothing change, i even tried what i call forced animation play "image_index+=1" just one frame before or after 113th one it rewinds. (probably because of decimals).
And still if i use "image_index=300" that works just fine, it's not like GM:S don't accepting frames after that point, just rewind or don't play. I'm looking for an answer for 10 hours now and still nothing. I didn't see any documentation on subject so i hope it's not a limitation, though a bug might be a hard stuff...
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