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 Studio 2 requires uninstall in order to update?


I had d/led Studio and it said "there's an update available!" so I downloaded the update. Then when I went to run the update, it said, "Studio is already installed. Uninstall it?" So I clicked yes and it uninstalled the old version then installed the new version.

What the hell kind of update system is that?


Really? Because most programs on my computer update without asking me if I want to uninstall the program first. Most programs on my computer update without asking me what directory I want to install them in. Most programs on my computer don't require me to specify what shortcuts I want installed on my computer with each update. Even Studio 1.4 wasn't this lame, and that's the same company's program.


So what.

Just because "most" of the programs on your system don't act that way doesn't mean it's not a popular method of installing.

And just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's lame.

Some prefer to to be warned before doing any kind of potential destructive act on their computers.
Some prefer programs be completely uninstalled to insure all remnants are removed.
Some prefer to specifiy the install directory.
Some prefer to specify shortcuts.

What's lame is you thinking this deserves a topic.


That's where thinking went south..
Its not the same company anymore.

I do agree, its a bit odd.
What the hell kind of update system is that?
Simple answer that has been provided by YoYo several times already: This is a beta product and as such they want every user to be on the same version so that they do not receive bugs submitted from different people for older versions. This way of uninstall/reinstall will keep every user on the same version and therefore only reporting bugs for that current version. Once out of beta, the updates will most likely run the same way as 1.x does (from my understanding of other posts about this from Mike).

This is not a conspiracy, or a corrupt corporation move, or anything evil being done now that YoYo are part of PlayTech, but just the way that they want to keep everyone in the beta on the same version.