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HTML5 Studio 2 HTML5 (box2D bugs)


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Spent some time yesterday with HTML5 exports from Studio 2. Mostly, it works well. My platformer games ran smoothly. So overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

But I was disappointed in box2D performance. Seems very broken. For example, using the default physics_world settings for pixel-meter scaling (0.1) and gravity (10) causes physics objects to fly out of view almost instantly.

The only way box2D works in Studio 2 HTML5, is with gravity set to about 0.1 - 0.05 or so. Same for applied forces and impulses. But with those very low settings, it behaves like the Windows exports. So maybe there's a units problem (cgs vs. mks). Or maybe a problem with pixel-meter scaling in HTML5.

I know this sounds dumb... but was box2D actually tested in HTML5 exports? I understand this is a beta version, but I'm surprised this was missed.

Box2D works beautifully in test mode and Windows exports, however.


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Please file a bug with a sample project (Use a YYZ, File -> Export Project) that illustrates the problem in as few lines of code (or DnD) as possible, that way it is easier to find the bug.

You can file a bug with Help -> Report a bug in the IDE



I am getting the same results with the HTML5 export... physics is super strong in html5 but windows export everything works normal.