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Question - IDE Stuck In Trial Mode?



I upgraded my Game Maker 2 license from the trial mode yesterday, but was still stuck with the trial mode limitations. I signed out and back in to my account multiple times and have reinstalled GameMaker 2 multiple times but haven't been able to fix the issue.

Any idea on how to solve this problem?
Ok, just to confirm, to logout, you used the File->Logout command from the GMS 2 menu?

Which license did you upgrade to?

Have you logged on to the YoYo Games website (with the same user details as you use to logon to GMS 2) and checked your account information that you do have the license on your profile?

If all the above is correct, then I suggest you contact the YoYo Helpdesk : http://help.yoyogames.com/home as this forum doesn't have access to user accounts.


I did try logging out through the File->Logout command in the GMS 2 menu and the website, but it didn't work.

The YoYo Games website says that I have the license for the GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Windows until Dec 2018. My website account and my Game Maker 2 login and password are the same (I just made sure by changing the password and trying to login).

I have gone through the help section with little help and am unsure of what to do.
Just to check the obvious, you are using a Windows computer right? As the Creator license only applies to the platform you purchased it for.

On the helpdesk page I linked, in the top right corner there is a "Submit Request" link. That's what I normally use to reequest help.


Oh geez! No i'm using a Mac. If I want to work on games for pc using a mac should I purchase the Desktop package?


Oh geez! No i'm using a Mac. If I want to work on games for pc using a mac should I purchase the Desktop package?
Yes, I assume the version you purchase is the target you want to export to, not the OS you are running it on as the IDE runs on both platforms.

$39 Windows Creators = Make games for Windows.
$39 Mac Creators = Make games for Mac.
$99 Desktop Edition = Make games for Windows, Mac and Linux.

I'm not sure if you actually can compile for Windows on a Mac (without a PC) the same way that you can't compile for Mac on a Windows machine without a Mac.

Maybe someone using a Mac could confirm - but either way contact the helpdesk and explain what's happened and they should be able to assist you.
Yeah that's what I meant by "compile", just worded it badly.
Oh, I wasnt picking on your use of words, if thats what it sounded like I was doing. I said "obviously" because I know you already knew that. :)

Just confirming that you still need a PC to compile to Windows if you are developing on Mac.


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If you have Creators edition for Windows, you will be in "trial mode" if you try on Mac (and vice versa). That is all the restrictions (resource limits etc) of the free trial apply to the machine you don't have a creators license for.

if you want to use both machines to develop - even test, you'll need a Desktop license.