Windows Stretchybot - Work-in-progress platformer made from clay


Hi all,

I would like to share a demo of a game I have been working on for some time now. It's a platform game where most of the art is made from colored clay and currently runs on PC. Here is video link showing the first couple of levels:

The demo has the first ten-levels and I hope to create a lot more for the game's release, provided the game doesn't have too many bugs. Release is intended for early 20201.

There's some more information on the page - - so feel free to offer any comments below.

By the way, I am extremely grateful to the users in the GameMaker programming forum who helped me with all my coding problems. Thank you!
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It has really unique, cool mechanics from what I've seen so far. Not a huge fan of the art style. But overall looks solid, keep up the good work! :cool:


Thank you! I really wanted to nail the gameplay over everything else. Saying that, I have a couple of ideas about trying a different graphic style. - it's tricky getting *exactly* what I wanted with play-doh. If the visuals change, I'll post any updates here. Thanks again!