Windows Street Workout Game (Horror RPG) 0.59v (Updated 24.05.2020)

Updated (24.05.2020)
Latest version of the game 0.59v

Added Craft items (Resources and Bullets)
Added 2 Set's (Leather Set) (Drake Set)
Added Total 12 Raid Bosses
Added Some Effects
Added Prison with 5 Raid's
Added Abilityes : STR,DEX,VIT

Fixed Bugs
All png images are compressed
.EXE file size reduced from 208MB to 110MB without quality loss

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This is my first project in GMS2 and my experience is 2 months of programming,
if you make your own project, it’s all about quality in the first place,
not speed, so that you can put whatever


Hey I just noticed you have at least six different posts in the WIP forum for this same game. Don't do that! I don't know how the mods haven't noticed this yet. Just update a single post. Take a look at how others are updating their posts in here for their games. Do you understand?

Edit: Nocturne's on top of it.
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I have removed all your other topics and merged them into this one as this is the first topic you appear to have made about this game. Please do NOT post multiple topics for the same project. It's one topic per game, and you can update this topic with new screenshots and information about updates and things. Not only does this keep the forum tidy, but it actually benefits you as people can follow this topic and get alerts when there is an update, and you also have a single place where you can go to get feedback and reactions.

I would also recommend that you update the main topic to explain what the game is about, what the game is called, what platform(s) it is for and any other additional information you can think of that might be relevant. The more effort you put into a topic, the more interested people will be in checking it out. Oh, and please do not constantly format your text green. Use the default format and only use the colour and other formatting tools for emphasis, as per the forum rules.;)
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