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Windows strange relations between fps, fps_real, room_speed


Hello guys, three weeks ago I decided to use GameMaker for my project. I got it from the humble bundle and I was doing my 2D pixel art game on unreal engine until I thought it was too much trouble and tried GameMaker. I liked it and have been working on it since. I had no prior experience with it.

Recently I noticed a problem with my game's performance on older machines. Basically, if the room_speed is set to 60, it runs at 45-50 fps. If I set the room speed to 999 (on the fly using a key shortcut) then the game runs at 70-80 fps. On either option, real fps is 250ish.
On my new notebook it runs at 60 when capped to 60 and 999 when capped to 999.

Why would this be? It is super weird. Vsync and alternate sync are turned off.

So... After researching I think the right way to do it is using delta time and leaving it uncapped (999), right?
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