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Windows Strange IDE behavior


I've come across several strange things happening with the IDE:

1) some scripts lost their linkable boldness yet they still exists and work

2.) Every single keystroke brings up the red bar error at the bottom, it doesn't matter where. Even with a simple spacebar or typing inside comments. Any idea why?

3.) regions are broken, sometimes they work and have the handle sometimes they don't

4) Scrolling issues, could be related to regions or having multiple functions in a script. Sometimes when I type, the screen view within the code window jumps all around the script. Sometimes the scrollbar is messed up and won't allow me to scroll down to code further down until I close that tab and reopen it

Looking forward to those stability fixes when they come to the stable channel


I've seen happen once, maybe a month ago. As you say, script still worked. If I remember correctly, to try and fix it I deleted the script (copying the contents) and created it again, except it wouldn't let me recreate it with the same name (it usually does!). ended up changing the name, pasting the script and using it. Never figured out what happened.


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Please do file a ticket. We are looking to make 2.3.2 stable by the end of this month, so the fixes for this issue won't make it into the stable release if it doesn't get reported, as this forum is not monitored by the developers.


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Please file bugs with each of these and checkout the latest 2.3.2 Beta - rule of thumb if you don't report it, then it won't get fixed.

Help -> Report an issue (when inside GMS)


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