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I am working on a card game in some way similar to Magic the Gathering (MtG). But it is one character fighting another, kind of like Street Fighter with cards, so no creature combat. Given that I cannot assume the game would be hugely popular as it is an indie title at the end of the day, I intend to focus heavily on the single player element with multi-player also available. By the way, you can play a witch or a paladin, a demon or a mech, and so on... I try to include as many different tropes in the game as possible, so the protagonist is not always a good guy.

Obviously the game focuses on character vs character combat. But I am less certain what to do with the story element that ties everything together. I understand the game is not focusing at the story but even some narrative element, like in Mario saving the princess, would serve to increase immersion. But given I cannot use the good vs evil theme as the protagonist can be a bad guy, what other narrative theme can you suggest?


aka fel666
Fighting over a scarce resource? (Energy gems or land, or something)

World fighting tournament (street fighter style)

Super powerful evil demon decides everyone but a fixed number of people will die. People kill each other to be part of that few people.

Have separate lores: robot dude stole magic man's fridge, tried to get it back.
Paladin accidentally stepped on warlocks pug, war breaks out, etc. (Obviously less silly).

Differing political opinions?