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    Jan 10, 2017
    A year and a half ago, I made a thread about getting back the color blend/replace dialog options, which have been in the sprite editor for every prior version of Gamemaker, in the sprite editor for GMS2. Staff talked about ways to duplicate that functionality, and I talked about how those ways are convoluted and take significantly more steps than the previous blend/replace toggle - I even made a little video demonstrating exactly why the blend/replace toggle is a much better solution in many circumstances than fiddling about with magic wands and color replace tools. It was implied that this toggle might be implemented in future GMS2 updates, is there any plan for that? Even something small like "hold shift+alt while using the pen tool to replace rather than blend" would be huge thing.

    I really love every other aspect of the sprite editor, and the GMS2 IDE as a whole, but I'm still using GMS1.4 for any sprite work that requires any alpha values that aren't fully opaque or fully transparent. Between GM8, GMS1 and GMS2 I've probably given Yoyo Games nearly two thousand dollars, I'd appreciate a real answer even if that answer is "No, this will never ever be implemented" so I can figure out a new, permanent sprite workflow.
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