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Stop Game Maker from Taking Up So Much Hard Drive Space



I'm running low on hard drive space, and every time I compile my game to test it out - Game Maker takes up MORE space.

That, AND all the prototype apps I've created for Android, as well as my Game Maker exported projects, as well as WHATEVER else Game Maker does, seems to be just filling up my disk space.

Is there some way to just DELETE files that aren't needed somehow?

I'm CONSTANTLY finding myself deleting other stuff off my computer that I really liked beforehand and it SUCKS...


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On the first tab of Preferences, there is "Clear Temp Data" button. There is also a checkbox labelled "Automatically clean Temp Data on Shutdown" on the right side.


I had the same problem, just solved it by going into my "C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Local" folder (Somebody else said it was his %Temp% folder for him) and deleted all the folders that started with "gm_ttt_" They took up over 20gb for me.

They are just the temp files created whenever game maker compiles a gameas far as I know.