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 Still having high CPU and fans usage when GMS2 is on focus!




Are you still working on this issue? I'm still having high CPU usage and the fans are working at high speed when GMS 2 is on focus. It happens even if I'm doing nothing.

I don't have this issue with any other software on my laptop and, in fact, it only happens when GMS 2 is on focus. If I use another program and GMS 2 goes to background, the problem disappears.

I'm using:

- Windows 10 64-bit
- Acer Aspire V17 Nitro laptop
- Intel Core i7
- NVIDIA GeForce 840M (2GB VRAM)
- 16 GB DDR3 Memory
- 128 BG SSD



I remember reading a fix is coming in a few weeks time.
I have the problem too, Win 10 64bit, core i5, hd4400.
IDE v2.0.5.77