HTML5 Sticky Faces



I made a tiny browser game and finally finished and uploaded it at Itchio yesterday:
Sticky faces is a puzzle game about faces sticking together in a neon maze world. Cover the target areas completely to progress to the next room.

You can play it here:

I'm curious what you think of it 🙂

Btw: the shader is based on DukeSofts great Bloom / Glow Shader

You can find a walkthrough of this game on YouTube.

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Cool. I like puzzle games. Smooth easy to understand controls / gameplay.
Good music. Good level progression.

Are you going to put your game Chibiban on too?

Video of me playing the first 8 levels of your game:



Hello K12Gamer,

thanks for your feedback and your video 🙂 Left a thumbs up on YouTube.

I was considering releasing an HTML5 version of Chibiban on Itchio but stopped working on it for no particular reason. 🤔 I think I'll do it.

Wish a great day!


that was really fun i quit at level 17 though was too hard for me i was always one block away lol

is there like a hint system that i was missing?


No, you didn't miss anything, there is no hint system.

But you are right: there should be some help. So I made a walkthrough video for the game and uploaded it to YouTube a few minutes ago:

Thanks for the suggestion 🙂
Great game! Love the design. Feels very original to me, and very good puzzles. I finished them all, but some of them really made me think.

Very nice graphics/music/sfx, felt very complete and smooth