Legacy GM Stickman/Ragdoll Fighting

MIchael PS

Hello everyone,

I want some help with the game that I work on, I want to implement those stickman fighting kind of sloppy ragdolls with the funny and weird movement and waving swords.
I know that I must use physics, but I haven't worked with gamemaker physics a lot.
I would really appreciate any help or any demo that I could use to learn the joints and the physics that I have to use.

Again thanks for your time and have a nice day!

MIchael PS

So... Should I guess that it is not possible to create that effect in game maker? Anyway, even if you are simply reading this thanks...
(Hello darkness my old friend ... :p)
Use physics revolute joints to make your ragdoll stickman. You can then control how far the stick man's joints can move and control their movement. It might take a bit of experimenting but the game you describe is totally possible.