GMC Jam Stick Together by Sora Ngin



Stick Together by Sora Ngin
(Alpha version - Last Updated: 2019-04-09)

Originally made for the 2-Day GMC Game Jam 30.

This demo is a strategy game of capture the king and beating each other up with swords and arrows.
This project is a huge work in progress with still loads of work left to do, so it currently features a few glitches and placeholder SFX mainly from Warcraft 2.

Also, Stick Together is a working title, would love any name suggestions if you guys have any! :)

Download here: Stick

Future Updates:

- 1v1 online PvP mode
- Functioning war balloons
- Finished graphics
- Smarter enemy AI
- More enemy types
- Expanded map
- And more!


WASD - Movement
F - Switch Characters
Shift - Auto Run/Duck
Left Mouse Click - Action 1
Right Mouse Click - Action 2​
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Just had a quick go, couldn't play properly because I'm on my laptop with no mouse. Still pretty playable.
Really dig the player animations, appreciated the archer running but holding the bow backwards when aiming the opposite direction.
One problem I noticed was both drawbridge switches open both drawbridges which I assume is not intended.
I hope you keep working and expanding on this because I think it has a lot of potential.


Ah yeah, I have a laptop too so I know how hard it is to play on it. That's why I had to connect my bluetooth mouse haha. Maybe I will look into making it easier for us laptop users to play!
And ah shoot, I thought I had fixed that bug! Nice catch, I just fixed it for reals this time lol. And yes, I have a lot of big plans for future updates to this game! The number one goal being to make it an online strategy 1v1 PvP game where you have to outsmart, outflank your opponent by sneaking through your enemy's base by land, air, or underground! :D

Thanks for playing man! :)


Looks especially fun for a Jam game, you should maybe give it a go if you got no other projects at hand.

Love the orcish sounds on unit death, I believe the same stock sound was used in Warcraft II :D


WHOO! Nice! I knew this had potential.

I just played the current latest build (v3) of the game, and this sure is shaping up to be a lot of fun. Your art style is really appealing, especially since you've done excellent with animating it all. Additionally, all the routes you can take are really setting this up for some great strategic planning and for some nice tactical options during the fight.

I don't have any suggestions though, since - seeing your future updates - you seem to know what needs doing, but yeah, the AI especially needs improving for the game to really be what it needs to be.
I hope you'll see this project through till the end.


Thank you very much Siavellez, watching a live playback of my game helped me immensely! It revealed some glitches I didn't know about and showed me flaws of the "intuitive" gameplay design, all of which I will work hard to fix. I appreciate it very much! Glad you enjoyed it despite its incompleteness. :)