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Forum Game Stick Figures With Hats.


Can we pay attention to Fly Head?

Fly head just got punched.

The aggressor has the ability to punch people into the past. Fly head was punched just under half a second into the past, right into the path of an incoming punch.

The incoming punch connects.

The one who delivered the punch has the ability to punch people into the past. Fly head is displaced just under half a second into the past, where a fist is already en route...

Affix black hole head propeller to the front of a drill tank in such a way as to continually pull the drill tank forward through the center of Russia. Keep close to this drill tank.

Continue throwing drill tanks.

The now black-hole-powered drill tank will retain its speed after pushing through Russia, allowing you to continue your slew of drill tanks on the far side of it, preventing thunderhead from being able to block everything, and still keeping him distracted from you, who will be driving the black-hole-powered drill tank straight into his face.

Death by black hole has worked on the others, so why not on him?

Alright, worth a try.


The black hole has the remarkable ability to consume the matter around it, growing in mass as it does so, increasing its size and power. As it consumes Russia, it gathers enough strength to pry you from your freefall to the planet below and to draw you into its deadly maw.

Fortunately for you, Thunderhead is simultaneously drawn into the black hole.

You have died and arrived in Limbo.
Guess that fight was a draw then. Better than losing, you guess. Wait, crud! Black hole guy survived! Gah, that's a loss then. You must remember to congratulate the team when you next see them.​


Anyone who posts anything in this thread deserves to be turned into a stick figure with a frog hat.


Explain Limbo

The previous explanation of the cycle of death and rebirth was something of a simplification.

Between the death of a stick figure and its resurrection, it spends some time in Limbo. Resurrection occurs when the stick figure dies whilst in Limbo.

So, when one dies in the "real" world, one arrives in Limbo, and death in Limbo sends one back to the "real" world.

Become a stick figure with a frog hat.

You don't have a frog hat to put on. If you could find a frog hat, maybe you could then conclude your quest.

You feel something tickling you from behind.​


Diamond head: Throw yourself off of that cliff behind you.

Use the lightning to light your candle

Your candle is already on fire, but you absorb the lightning to give its power to your candle. Your candle now shoots lightning.

Hearthguy: Consider releasing the woman from your bottle.

You deploy Johnny Test from your Party.

Tickle them, remove their face

You effortlessly remove the intruder's face. He doesn't seem to be particularly ticklish, sadly.

add it to your face, swap limbs.

You shuffle your limbs. All of your limbs are identical, so nothing happens. There's not really anywhere convenient to put the intruder's face, so you just drop it on the back of your heart.​


Remove his skull, remove his spleen, remove his kidneys.

The intruder says farewell to more of his organs.

Guy: Die

He decides that now is as good a time as any to keel over and expire.

Give her a piggyback ride.

Test seems rather perplexed by the situation.

johnny test: turn on your master.

She turns away from her master and egresses at high speed. She's had enough weirdness for one day. Perhaps she shall return when things become rather more normal.

Allow the intruder's face to eat your body.

You continue to assemble your face kebab.​


Heat guy and Heart guy: Confuse each other's names.
Heart guy: Jump out the nearest window.

The window is blocked by a villain!

Heatguy, the irrelevant non-stick-figure, jumps past the villain anyway. Screw the haters!

Heatguy has exited the room. The camera can no longer see him because it cannot see through walls. Finally we can stop watching this meaningless individual.

Heat guy: Appear once more.

Attempt to normalize.

Your head reforms. The candle and face are stored for later use.

Johnny Test: Crouch in some corner somewhere.
Johnny Test: Suffer permanent mental scarring.

Maybe she'll suffer permanent mental scarring. Probably not. It's just a weird situation. Being stored in this "Party" thing is a little shaking.

Johnny Test: Become Johnathan Toast


She deflects the lightning into a patch of ground, which gets toasted.​


Heart Guy, perform the Ace Of Hearts maneuver.

Heatguy does not know the Ace Of Hearts maneu- oh, you were talking to Hearts . That makes sense.

Hearts pushes Heatguy's canvas off-screen so we'll not hear from him again. All commands directed at Heatguy will now be redirected to Hearts.

Ace of Hearts is the most powerful move in Hearts' arsenal. It instantly kills any enemy within a radius of just under a mile, almost without exception.

Unfortunately, Ace of Hearts is on cooldown for over a fortnight.

Clubs: Did you skip Limbo?

Nah, we just didn't look for the sake of brevity.

You also died fairly quickly.

Johnny: Hit him with a board from that fence.


Johnny test: Attempt to eat large plants behind you.

She cannot eat any of the Lava Appendages due to her position in a rather strong inverted bear hug.​


Test: Eat attacker's leg.


Hang on, if we can't control Heat Guy, why can we control Johnny? She's not a Hat-bearer, either.
You don't control Heatguy because you haven't given him any commands other than demanding that he appear more, a wish which I mercifully grant even though Heatguy sucks and is awful and I'm totally rooting for his enemy.

Johnny is on your side because she was (and still kind of sort of is) in Hearts' party.

The brute discards Johnny Test in a violent fashion.

Heat Guy: Activate splitscreen multiplayer mode.

Nah. Maybe when you have a friend nearby to play with.

Diamond: Exposit more about Limbo. What is it like aside from being "the between place", and if throwing yourself off the cliff didn't kill you, are you just naturally that resilient or is it harder to die in Limbo?

Nah don't worry, you died. You are kind of resilient though.

Most stick figures, in fact, are absurdly resilient to physical force and able to dish out immense punishment if they want to. You could have survived that fall with nought but a scratch if so you wished.​


Clubs, do the Two of Hearts maneuver.

It's your weakest move, so you perform it with ease.

Good job, jerkbutt. You destroyed someone's house.​


The Village Idiot
Clubs, do the Instructions Card maneuver to see ALL maneuvers!

Show us a table of all Card Themed Maneuvers currently discovered, their effects, and their recharge times. It should be a 4 * 13 table with a couple other Rare Maneuvers to the side.

It should probably look something like this but with 2 Jokers, an Instruction Card, and whatever other crap you want to put there. Maybe there's a secret 5th suit that we don't know about?
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It's a village by a lake.

It's a crater by a lake.

Johnny: eat those plants.

Johnny ignores the brute to get some of that sweet sweet vegetation.

Hearts, if you really want to earn the loyalty of your soldiers like a true leader, you should look out for them just as they should look out for you.

Johnny is in trouble! You must head to their rescue!

You arrive just in time to block the incoming fists with your face.

Diamond, do the Three of Diamonds maneuver

You would, but that would require you to possess the three of diamonds card, which you do not.

Spade, do the joker maneuver.

You would, but that would require you to have the joker card, which you do not.

Clubs has the joker card.

Clubs, do the Instructions Card maneuver to see ALL maneuvers!

You would, but that would require you to have the instructions card, which you do not.

Hearts has the instructions card.
That's also not what the instructions card does.

Show us a table of all Card Themed Maneuvers currently discovered, their effects, and their recharge times. It should be a 4 * 13 table with a couple other Rare Maneuvers to the side with 2 Jokers, an Instruction Card, and whatever other crap you want to put there.

There are only these nineteen maneuvers that you know of.

The 2s, 8s, Qs and Ks are all fairly common abilities. The As seem to be unique to the four of you (although clubs can't to the Ace Of Clubs maneuver)

3s to 7s and 9s to Js, as well as SPECIAL CARDS are maneuvers used through physical cards. Usually the card will be lost immediately on use. They do various things, but since there's only one instance of each card (except jokers) you're not likely to get your hands on any of them (except the JOKER and RULES CARD). As a result you have no idea what most of them do.

AH: Kill all enemies in a large radius, ~3 weeks.
2H: Two heart bombs, 0.
8H: +4 clones of all allies, ~2 days.
QH: Summon a giant face-hugging spider, ~14 minutes.
KH: Summon antideath, who is capable of resurrecting the dead, ~14 weeks, 2 days.

AD: Explode in a supernova. No self damage, ~1,000,000 years.
2D: Shoot some lightning, 0.
8D: Explode the head of a stick figure, varies.
QD: Summon the Grim Reaper, ~1 year.
KD: Summon a swarm of flies that are capable of grabbing bullets out of the air, ~15 seconds.

AC: Unknown.
2C: Slap someone about with a tentacle, 0.
8C: Do the moonwalk for a minute, 59 seconds.
QC: Summon Cthulhu, INFINITE.
KC: Summon ZhubreGnaut, 666 weeks.

AS: Teleport yourself and an enemy to a random planet, ~14.1 weeks.
2S: chuck a skull at someone (if you have a skull lying around), 0.
8S: Blow up your own head, 13 minutes and 20 seconds.
QS: Summon a skeleton to fight alongside you, 0 (but summoning one skeleton kills the previous one).
KS: Summon a golem to block incoming fire, 0 (but you can only summon one once the previous one is dead).

JOKER: Swaps itself with a random other playing card.
RULES/INSTRUCTIONS CARD: Reveals the abilities of all nearby enemies. Using this card gives it to the nearest enemy.

Maybe there's a secret 5th suit that we don't know about?

Wouldn't count on it.​


The Village Idiot
I'm impressed with the amount of effort you went to do this.

Hearts, summon a face hugging spider directly on the enemy's face!
Clubs, activate Moonwalk.
Spades, summon a skeleton and ride him into battle!
Heat guy, reveal the secret 5th suit of heat.



Hearts, summon a face hugging spider directly on the enemy's face!

Alright, there's a spider on his face. What now?

Hearts, render this man incapable of harming your soldiers.

Alright, he now has no head.

Clubs, activate Moonwalk.

You pull out your leash and walk the moon for a minute. You don't get it very far because the moon is rather heavy.

Spades, summon a skeleton and ride him into battle!

For that to happen, there would need to be a battle around. Unfortunately, no such thing exists so you jump on the skeleton and ride off to the right like a lunatic, banging your head on the way through the door.

Looks like you've ridden your skeleton right into the midst of a battle!

Heat guy, reveal the secret 5th suit of heat.

Heatguy, from off screen, reveals that there is no Heat Suit. He also says something else that is hard to hear from over here. I think he's insulting you for thinking that such a thing would exist.​



It closes the distance in an hour or so.

Spades: Examine opponents

You get a good look at the combatants.
They're dwarves.
They're not hostile toward you and don't even seem to have noticed you. Too busy engaging in their presumably drunken brawl, probably over some gold.


Spade: Go back through the door and jump off the edge

Tally ho!

Spade: Jump into the boiling lava below.

Alright, you're in boiling magma. You're gradually taking damage from the heat. What now, smartypants?​
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Obtain pile of skulls.

You seize the pile of skulls for obvious reasons.

summon a Skeleton and RIDE IT OUT OF THE MAGMA

The skeleton immediately melts. You are unable to ride the liquid bone out of the magma, for it has mixed with the magma too much to be easily identifiable.

Drink as much as you can, as fast as you can.

You drink enough to lower the magma by several hundred metres.
Doing so takes a sizeable wedge out of your health because magma is hot and consuming it is dangerous.

Do some synchronized swimming in the lava

It's not very deep here so you just kind of lay face-down in the magma for a while. This is synchronised isn't it?

Get out of there, silly.

Get out of the boiling magma? What a novel idea! Alright, I'll humour you.
You get out of the incredibly hot deadly boiling magma.

There's a door here which is allegedly ancient. Two dwarves guard it. The one on the left speaks:
"I am the dwarf who always lies. My friend here is the dwarf who always gives bad advice. In order to enter here, you must answer OUR RIDDLE!"​


Ignore them, and wait until it's night. Throw a rock somewhere else to distract them out of their guarding positions and enter the door.


Point out to him that he can't be the dwarf who always lies, because if such were the case he would've just caused a paradox and blown up the universe.

Either way, he's just invalidated the riddle because the very premise of it is based upon a logical fallacy.

Peek inside both doors before going through either of them.

You take a look inside the unguarded door that is obviously very boring indeed.

"You can't be the dwarf that always lies because if you were you would have just told the truth."

It's nothing but dull and uninteresting cleaning supplies and axes and gold.

"Well maybe I just tell the truth that one time. To introduce the rules of the riddle."

His counterargument is not convincing in the least.

Ignore them, and wait until it's night. Throw a rock somewhere else to distract them out of their guarding positions and enter the door.

It's already night. Besides, as everyone knows, dwarves don't need to sleep.

He's lying. Shove the dwarves aside and go through the ancient door.

You just shove them out of the way without any subtlety whatsoever.

"Hey! You're not allowed in there! You need to answer our cool riddle!"

"Who are you? You're not allowed in here! How did you get past our impossible riddle?"​


Summon a skeleton and RIDE IT INTO THE WALL

Alright, you do that.

Shove them aside and look at the cool box.

It's a box with a countdown on it, sat upon a tree stump and with a map draped over it like some kind of tablecloth.

The countdown box is set to expire in about 2 billion years, as you can clearly tell by reading the number on the front of it.

Simple, the answer to your riddle is "The whole thing is a logical fallacy, and therefore invalid."

You tell the dwarves the answer to their precious riddle.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The Powerful Attack does very little damage.

-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------

Spades: Bust the box open.

You try punching the box but it takes no damage whatsoever.

Trying to pull the box apart yields nothing. You could wait for it to expire but that's long. Maybe there's a puzzle or riddle that you have to solve to open it. Perhaps a tool in the general vicinity can grant access to its contents, possibly one submerged in magma or otherwise.

Go back to the lava pool and drink more.

You drink the rest of the magma. There's nothing in here. Obviously. Any key would be molten by it.​
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The Village Idiot
Summon a skeleton and RIDE IT ON THE PUZZLE

Also I'd like to point out Spades drank the lava with the dead skeleton in so he technically has two skeletons inside him right now. Can we have a skeleton count?


Spades: Vomit lava onto the box.

You bring forth your latest meal in a new attempt to vanquish the countdown box. The map and stump are destroyed by the magma and both dwarves quickly perish. The box remains.

Summon a skeleton and RIDE IT ON THE PUZZLE

Also I'd like to point out Spades drank the lava with the dead skeleton in so he technically has two skeletons inside him right now. Can we have a skeleton count?

You carefully position the new skeleton on top of the countdown box which is still intact within the magma. You climb onto the skeleton and out of the magma to save yourself from death. Drinking magma and standing in it all day has been rather unhealthy.
Of course, this skeleton also quickly melts.

Spade Man: Melt cuz of the lava and die.

You reflect on the events that lead to your demise, trying to pinpoint one or two crucial mistakes. It was probably the decision to leap into magma, drink it, swim in it, drink it some more and then fill the room with it. That was probably the lethal mistake.​



You interrogate the newly created skeleton, scouring its mind to find out its opinions on magma consumption.

The skeleton contemplates for a second and tells you that ingesting lava is in fact NOT a good idea.
You take its advice to heart and make a personal vow to never needlessly consume magma or lava ever again.

It is at this point that you are plucked from Limbo and deposited back from whence you came by the hitherto unmentioned curse that you are under.

Decide to not learn from your mistakes.

The vow is now broken.

You wonder why you must keep doing these foolish and self-destructive actions. You chalk it up to your low intelligence and sense of self-preservation.

-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------

Wait, curse? Explain this curse.

You are cursed to always respawn where you died, a short time after you died. It will also pull you from Limbo within fourteen and a bit seconds if you don't redie in that time.

The curse can only be lifted in two ways: First, preferably, by killing the other who was cursed at the same time as you; secondly, by being killed by said person. Fortunately that person is certainly on the same world as you and will undoubtedly make a huge commotion simply by being there.

The curse is a secondary effect of your Ace of Spades ability, which teleports yourself and an enemy to a random planet (and also causes a /rather large/ explosion) and administers the curse to both of them until one kills the other.

-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------

Check if the lava opened the box!

No damage. Damnable box doesn't want to die.

Spade: Take the box with you until you find a way to open it.

Capital idea! Now if you happen to live until it opens you'll get the loot for free!

I don't see this as being a particularly bad curse. If used right, it could potentially break you out of the timeloop nonsense you'd normally be trapped in, but I suppose that might be your choice.


This is no curse! This is the power to control your own destiny! No longer will you be chained to the infernal temporal loop in which your future is eternally determined; now you can claim true freedom!

Spade: Which particular enemy was it that you managed to get yourself cursed with?

It was Hearts.

-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------

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Grab a weapon and go dwarf hunting!

Capital idea! Just one problem:

You don't know how to get back up.

How big and strong are your golems? You could summon one, have it toss you up through the hole, and then let it melt in the lava so you can summon another one later.

The golem is very strong indeed. Your spade head is now wedged into the cave ceiling.


The skeleton informs you that it doesn't know What Italy is, nor what its trade policies are. It says that it would probably be in favour of said policies though because they must have been established for a good reason and he, being the political layman that he is, doesn't know any reason that they should be changed.

-------- --------

Oh look, warriors. What are they doing?

Who says they're warriors? They could just be ordinary people carrying a probably military flag, here to give cake to the dwarves.
"We are here to take the Bastion. Stand not in our way, heathen, and we have no quarrel with you."​
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Stand in his way

You run ahead of the warriors to block them.

"You shall not pass!"

Offer to steal the Bastion for them.

"Lies and slander! You cannot clear this place of dwarves alone!"
You're not sure how dwarficide is related to theft.

Get a Skeleton to stand in his way.... surely much more amusing.

Alright but they just sneak past you while you're summoning it.

Go along/around and watch the battle

You pull up a chair and get ready to watch them duke it out.

Betty De Famme: Appear.

There is no Betty De Famme. There is, however, a Betty LeChamme.
Betty LeChamme has been alerted of an incoming beast. According to her source, this beast is the size of a small town and is capable of somehow exploding said small town. Her source informs her that it's about half an hour away and is headed right toward her. Her source is the view out of this window right here.
What will Betty do about this?

-------- --------

Nothing, but claim that you tried your best.

Okay she'll do absolutely nothing but first she'll try implementing a trick that she has up her sleeve, and she'll try her best.

For this maneuver she will need some assistance from the rest of the Cult Of People Who Hide Their Faces For No Reason.

Johnny has finally chewed through the outer shell of the Lava Appendage. Lava is unsurprisingly gushing from the wound.​
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