Windows Stick Adventures: Wizard Madness: Chapter 1 - Steam Release


Hello everyone!

First off I would like to say thank you to all the awesome members here for helping me with every question I have asked regarding Game Maker Studio 2. I really appreciate all the help that you guys supply to new developers like myself.

I've taken all the knowledge that I've learnt over the past 3-4 months and made a game called Stick Adventures: Wizard Madness: Chapter 1, completely from scratch. I am a lone creator, I made the art and soundtrack and managed to do all the coding. I have to say if It wasn't for the help I received from you guys I really don't know if I could have done half of the stuff.

Officially Stick Adventures: Wizard Madness: Chapter 1 is released tomorrow night, but I thought I'd write up this post so you guys can be aware of its release :)

In Stick Adventures: Wizard Madness: Chapter 1 we follow the story of a devastated Wizard called Sam. Sam has had his family and friends completely wiped out from a local bandit crew. Sams only goal now is to bring justice to all those who wronged him.

(Taken from my steam page)

  • 6 Levels of Clicking Madness.
  • Various Enemies and vicious creatures to fight along your journey.
  • In-Game Shop selling multiple Spells & Abilities.
  • Clothing/Equipment System
  • Random Reward System for the Player.
  • Pixel Art Graphic design.
  • Full HD Soundtrack throughout the game.
  • Cutscenes on each level.
  • Auto-Save at the start of every level so no need for manual save.

Shop System
To use the Shop you need currency, the currency in this game is gold. Gold is dropped by defeating enemies, each enemy drops a random range of gold depending on their difficulty. The player will be able to view the entire shop from the start of the game with no limitations. Items purchased usually appear in the Shop Pit located in front of the player unless they are a direct buff.

Spell System
The spell system in Stick Adventures: Wizard Madness works based on the shop, the player first buys a spell scroll from the shop and then activates the scroll by clicking on it whilst it's in the Shop Pit. You can only have one spell at a time.

Random Reward System
The player will be rewarded throughout the game via the Random Reward System. This system is triggered via killing mobs to build up a behind the scenes counter, once this counter is at maximum capacity the player will be greeted with the Reward System.

Clothing System
The clothing system in Stick Adventures: Wizard Madness is very straight forward, the player has a large selection of clothing to choose from using the arrow keys on the keyboard. You do not have to pay for these clothes with in game currency all of it is available from the start.

Save System
Every time a new level starts the game automatically saves locally on your hard drive, please remember you only have one save file so if you start a new game it will erase the old one. Always press LOAD if you want to continue playing from where you left off previously. NEW will create a new save file erasing your old one.

Thanks for your time guys, I would be honoured if someone was to give my game a solid try. I know 4 months does not seem like a long time for a game but I really did put a lot of effort into this :)



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The game is now officially released on Steam for anyone that would like to give it a try :) reviews would be greatly appreciated!