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So, I'm aiming to design an RPG with a Steampunk fantasy setting. And I would like some input on a few things that could use some cool sounding names

- a name for magic users. Something a little more distinctive than "Mage". These are extremely rare people who are born with the ability to use magic. An ability that for a long time has not been fully understood.
- a name for the magical energy. In this story, magic users adsorb a supernatural energy to perform magic. The energy actually coming from a parallel dimension which the magic user gains with their natural born ability to tare microscopic rifts between the worlds. I'd rather not go with something overused like "mana".
- a name for a commercially available machine which a person wears on their forearm that artificially creates rifts and draws the magical energy into the wearer; allowing non-magic users to use magic.


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Magic Users - Thaumaturgists, prestidigitador, diabolists, rifter

Magical Energy - potencia, thauma, darkvolts, rift energy

Magic Machine - thaumaband, riftmaker

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It depends on how serious or formal you want to take your narrative. For example, if you don't mind of your world being a bit informal you could go with something like this:

- A name for magic users: "Blender" (Those who manipulate "Juice")
- A name for the magical energy: "Juice"
- A magic machine: "Juice-Enabler"

If on the other hand, you want it to be totally serious, here's an alternative:

- Magic users: "Gifted"
- Magical energy: "Essence"
- Magic Machine: "Contributor" (Something that provides "gifts")


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I'm thinking that using "steam power" vocabulary could also do a lot to anchor magic in steampunk. Like calling magic "Steam", mages "Steamers" and the machines that enables magic "Pipes" or "Valves". Maybe the magic actually is powered by steam, maybe it's just all a big hoax to make people accept what was once thought of as unholy sorcereies as just another wonder of science.


Could use terms in reference to the aether, or phlogiston.

"mana" would be some bent physics term like photovolts, the tool would be a prisim (for harnessing the aether).

Of the others I like Noc's the most..


Nocturne has some great suggestions as does Bob. If you like Bob's route maybe even naming things along the lines of weapon naming or military sounding classes just to mic things up and not go too "magical-wagical" sounding.

IE: Rangers, Agents, etc

The thinking there really depends on how rare the term would be versus the person itself. You can say gold or diamonds are rare but the terms aren't; they get used a lot (for various reasons) and maybe in your world there are somewhat common terms for uncommon occurrences.

Just a thought.