GMS 2 "steam_activate_overlay_store" Opens DLC Page

Hi everyone. I have a game on Steam which I launched last October. Right now I'm experimenting with adding a demo and have included an in-game button to launch the Steam store page.

The problem is, "steam_activate_overlay_store" with the correct app ID opens the DLC page for my game instead of its actual store page. When this demo goes live, I don't want players going to an empty DLC page when I really need them to buy the full game from the store page.

Any thoughts or workarounds? Thanks.
I know there's "url_open" which I can use with the store page's URL, but I'm not so sure that many players are logged into Steam through the web browser.
Sounds like you'll have to submit a bug report to YYG for this one, as you mentioned url_open isn't a perfect solution but the browser version does allow the user to open it in steam, so still a reasonable workaround till its fixed I think
@JapanGamer29 @Chodec974
Well, it does seem like steam_activate_overlay_store(); is bugged (or the documentation doesn't properly reflect what it should do). But there's an easy workaround that lets you do exactly what steam_activate_overlay_store(); seems like it should do: steam_activate_overlay_browser("");.

Just replace the url with your store page url. It opens within the Steam browser in-game and the user is logged in, so it's pretty much exactly what you guys are looking for, I think.


Unfortunately, for some reason, the "steam_activate_overlay_store(1450070);" command adds to the / DLC / link, see the attached image. After invoking this click action, the Overlay will open, but the game store will not. The worst part is that when I click on the game icon, the same problem occurs. Again, / DLC / game-ID / is added in the link and the game page does not open.

The URL link only works for my internet browser.


As I pointed out in my previous post, don't use the steam_activate_overlay_store() function. Use the steam_activate_overlay_browser(""); function and replace the URL I have in there with the URL for your store page. Then it will work fine.


Oh yeah! You're right sir. :) How come I didn't find this feature. :bash: