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I released my game on Steam a few weeks ago and the sales are... Slow.
I'm looking for other avenues of income and platforms and I see YoYo is giving discounts for those of us who has the old UWP licence and if we upgrade them we get to publish on Xbox One Creators Program as well as Windows Store.

Even though the licence is on discount, it is still a big sum of money for me so I want to be sure that It will be worth it before getting it (and I have to get a retail Xbox too)

So I have a few questions. specially from those who have released games on all three platforms (Steam, Windows Store and Xbox Creators Program).

1. Is the sale figures good on Xbox creators program compared to steam? (use % if you are uncomfortable with using real sale numbers)
2. How about the Windows Store? Will I at least sell half the number of copies that I sell on Steam on the Windows Store?
3. Are there any major bugs and graphical issues when you port your game to Xbox Creators Program?

I understand that it's a bit hard to make comparisons, so consider my game one of those games that has zero marketing budget, has received no coverage from any Youtuber or Press outlet and sells 1 copy a day on steam on a good day.
From what I know... if your game is dead in the water on Steam it likely won't do fantastic on any platform. Steam is the new "low-bar" to hit. Additionally this time of year is extremely slow especially after the Winter sale + Lunar sale combo Steam did. I can't comment on the console exports as I've not felt like my budget is big enough for them, especially since I can't afford marketing yet. :p


All I want to know is if Xbox Creative program is "At least" as good as Steam.
Like if I'm selling 1 copy a day on steam will I also sell 1 copy a day on Xbox Creators program?
If so it will be 2 copies a day o_O
Steam sells a lot more units for indies I think. You have to consider that most Steam users look at steaming hot garbage games 90% of the time they are searching for something worth their money. Now imagine a console user who defines indie with titles like PUBG or Cup Head (if you want a 2D example). I can't see that being a better environment for small indies.


I'm gonna need to consult with someone who has sold on both platforms for confirmation before I make the decision of making a investment in the port.


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GameJolt and Itchio both are marketing themselves as indie versions of Steam, and in particular GameJolt is pretty big - you might wanna check those out. Itchio is currently more niche, has higher quality control and is marketing itself more towards development (selling game assets etc) so it might not be the optimal avenue to start at, but it's still worth keeping in mind.