Steam remote play

Hi all,

I’m in the process of applying the steam sdk to my game and I noticed that we are advised to use version 1.42.

Recently steam announced with their latest sdk that remote play is now possible. My game features split screen and I was always disappointed that I couldn’t figure out how to set up a server which meant networking was omitted for my game but in light of remote play being available my question is this.

Is it possible to get access to the latest features of the steam sdk?

Has anyone managed to use remote play in GameMaker already? If so please let me know if this is possible as I can only find on google guides from steam itself while the gms2 manual only mentions the api for leaderboards and such.

Would greatly appreciate!


Maybe I am no remmembering it quite right, but Steam said that we developers will not need to do anything to use this feature. If we have splitscreen capabilities on our game, then it's good to go. But I don't know for sure. o.Ô

Will hop in the thread to see where it goes. =]


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Remote play requires no further changes on the game side, you only need to tick a checkbox on Steamworks dev portal (in the metadata section where you have "co-op" flags and such).


Remote play is just that; remote play. You both control the same inputs. Nothing special in my opinion.
Hello friends, I have a question about remote play: Okay a game with split screen.
1- Can I program the inputs of player 1 equal to the inputs of player 2 and steam itself will divide each keyboard?
2 - Do I need to program the inputs of player 1 and then program other inputs for player 2?
Situation 1 - wasd move player 1 and wasd move player 2
Situation 2 - wasd move player 1 directional arrows move player 2

How would it be the right way to make it work perfectly?