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Steam Steam Play and controllers


Just curious if anyone can clarify this for me. When you have two or more pc's connected via Steam cross play playing the one instance of a local pc game(produced with GMS), how exactly does Steam Play allocate gamepads ? Would the game running locally see the other client pc's as gamepad 2 or 3 or 4 etc ? So in turn then the game itself would consider gamepad 2 start button has been pressed from client 2 for example.

And following on from that ... if one of the client machine's was using an Xbox controller, would Steam Play register that as an XInput as opposed to DirectInput, thereby having the Gamemaker game assign it to slots 0-3 as opposed to slots 4-12 for Directinput gamepads ?

I hope that makes sense ... I am rambling a bit. I guess the TLDR version is if I program a multiplayer, single screen co-op with gamepads 1-4 input then do they register that way automatically over Steam Play ?

Thanks for your time.
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