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    Vote YES on this link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/718917768








    GravNewton is a puzzle game style platform that will challenge your skills. You will control a bit-rom called Newton who can not walk, but has a mysterious power to control gravity around him. After accidentally killing his brother with that power, he was exiled from Graphydia to the Corrupt zone. Now you have to help Newton to survive in this place full of dangers and mysteries.


    • Arrows: change the direction of gravity;
    • [P]: Pause.

    Game Elements:
    • 40 levels;
    • Traps like: spikes, saws, lasers, conveyors, pumps and more;
    • Elements will interact with you;
    • Level select menu;
    • Auto Save.

    Under development:
    • +60 levels;
    • Game story in pictures;
    • Local level selection;
    • Star system;
    • Final boss.

    All game songs are provisional, because I have no money to hire a musician yet, but I'm getting donations.

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