Mac OSX Steam features not working


Hi there, Im trying to add Steamworks features to my game, but I can't get the overlay to pop up when I run on my Macbook. I've even created a brand new project just to test the Steam integration in isolation, and still cannot get it to work. I run the game, I expect to see the overlay pop up (and to be able to trigger it with Shift + Tab) but nothing happens.

Im following these steps:
1. Create a new project
2. Point GM at my Steamworks sdk folder location (sdk version is 1.42)
3. Check "Enable Steam" in the macOS platform settings
4. Add ID 480 to the "Steam ID" field in general settings (I have been told this ID will work for testing purposes, so Im using it instead of my actual app id)
5. Uncheck the "Build for Mac App Store" option in macOS Packaging settings
6. Run the app

The result is that nothing happens, the steam toast doesn't pop up. Here's the section of output logs that might be relevant, please let me know if you have any ideas about what could be causing this issue. Thanks!!

HighScore..filename is /Users/jimmy/Library/Application Support/com.yoyogames.macyoyorunner/hiscore.dat
Game..Math..Graphic..Action..File..Resource..Interaction..3D..Particle..Misc..DS..Sound..Physics..Gamepad..Attempting to set gamepadcount to 4
libYoYoGamepad.dylib found at path /Users/Shared/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/runtimes/runtime-
Error: Failed to load libsteam_api.dylib from  /Users/Shared/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/runtimes/runtime-
dlerror:dlopen(/Users/Shared/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/runtimes/runtime-, 1): image not found
Steam - SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary
Steam - Steamworks_InitCEGLibrary
Steam - SteamAPI_InitSafe
Steam - SteamApps()->BIsSubscribed()
Steam - SteamClient()->SetWarningMessageHook()
Steam - Steamworks_SelfCheck()
Steam - Steam_UserStats_Init()
Steam - Steam_RemoteStorage_Init()
Steam - Steam_Screenshots_Init()
Steam - Steam_Friends_Init()
Steam - Steam_UGC_Init()
Logged in steam user id 76561198044744584
Found 0 subscribed items
g_bSteamInitialised being set to trueSteam_Init
LoadSteamLib and _steamInit both ok
InitPushFunctions...YoYo..filename is /Users/jimmy/Library/Application Support/com.yoyogames.macyoyorunner/playerachievementcache.dat


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@Nocturne oh ok, I wasn’t aware of this particular forum guideline, that’s fine all good man haha

I am not impatient, and certainly don’t think Im more important than anyone. Just a guy looking for help with an uncommon issue that will require me to maximize visibility of the problem if Im to find even one person with any knowledge about the issue. I wasn’t looking to monopolize resources (and don’t think I was), but rather was trying to increase the very unlikely chances that an expert would notice my post.

That being said I’ll certainly keep this rule in mind in future.