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Question - IDE Steam being down leads to GMS2 not being available??


Hello everyone.

I purchased and installed GMS2 Mobile from Steam, and am now looking for an 'offline' version. I had an issue the other day where (i think) that Steam crashed and because Steam wouldn't load, GMS2 would not load. I thought this would be resolved by downloading a second copy of GMS2 Mobile from the site, versus steam, but can't seem to see how.

Not a huge issue, just some down time for Fortnite.

I see that a similar question was asked a number of times but I cannot find anything for this specific situation. I went on the yoyo site and I can see how to purchase licenses (to then allow a download) but nothing to just 'download the client' first and use it/enter a usable license key/etc.

Anyone experience this? Also, I have two laptops, both have Steam and both have the Steam version of GMS2M. Is there going to be some kind of issue with using the same key two times on the two machines?

Thanks in advance.


I thought this would be resolved by downloading a second copy of GMS2 Mobile from the site, versus steam, but can't seem to see how.
Login to your YYG account and link your Steam account, then download the latest GMS2 installer and login with your normal YYG account details.

You can download the latest version from your account page on the YYG site.


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You should also be able to run steam in off line mode.... and GMS should still work....?

(but I'd use the stand alone one as well...)


I have successfully downloaded and installed the stand alone client on both PC's now, and am free from Steam. But I have a new question:

I bought and downloaded the 'Mobile' version through Steam, but the client through yoyo games is just 'Game Maker Studio 2'. When I go to export, will I be okay? Since the version doesn't say 'mobile'?

(Also - also -- Is it cool that I am using oneDrive to store the files and am sharing between the computers? Are there ever corruption issues or risks? I haven't seen anything like that on the forums and didn't know how safe of a best practice OD is over other methods).


The exports are tied to your YYG account, so as long as you have linked your Steam account then when you login using standalone you will still get the option to export to Android/ iOS etc and have the targets available in the IDE when it pulls your licence info from your account when you login.

There is no “Desktop” IDE or “Mobile” IDE, the IDE is the same regardless of which licences you own.

OneDrive is fine for simple backups, however DO NOT work from your OneDrive folder like it’s a regular local drive as you will risk corruption issues and losing work.

Preferably use Source Control (and if you don’t know how to use it then now is a good time to learn) but if that isn’t an option then make sure you download your files onto the PC you are working on and access them / load them into the IDE from there, then upload them back onto OneDrive when finished - then do the same on the other machines you use.

To keep things simple I’d recommend just rarring / zipping the project folder when finished and uploading that to OneDrive with a new version number.

Then to pickup from another machine you download the latest rar/zip, extract it onto a local drive and load that into GMS2 to resume work.

Rinse and repeat that process for basic backups - but never directly load a project from OneDrive, DropBox etc into the IDE, you are just asking for trouble.

However, as I said I would highly recommend Source Control over doing that, spend 30-60mins learning how to setup and use it and and you’ll never look back.